New Neverwinter

Will the Circle be Unbroken?

Session 4 Summary

Next session: June 23rd, 2013 1 pm.

The party wakes up to a strange mystery.

After a wild bender following a successful mission to Neverdeath, the party all blacked out drunk at the Moonstone Mask. They awoke to find that they were not in the Moonstone Mask. In fact, they weren’t in Neverwinter at all and from the foliage it appeared to be the beginnings of autumn. Mordai Vell and the Prophet Rohini were waiting for the adventurers in the dining hall of the building that they found out was Helm’s Hold. Turns out the party had blacked out for 3 months.

They went and fought some orcs and trolls. Then they encountered a group of Drow mercenaries who showed them their own bodies and blamed their odd missing 3 months on the Prophet Rohini who they accused of being a succubus. Shaken by these events, the party headed out when they were attacked b a green dragon.

Exhausted after an insane day, the party made camp in the woods outside of Neverwinter.



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