New Neverwinter

Where you'll find me now

Session 6

The party peered into the depths of the Dread Ring, seeing a twisted gnome deep below. Retlaw rejoined the party, followed closely by a band of slaves led by a red-robed cultist. After defeating the slaves and cultist, the part made a new friend in Rogo the slave who Temerity immediately took under her wing. Descending deeper into the excavation’s tunnels, the party faced a series of devious puzzles.

They reached a room with their bodies and Bug. When Retlaw touched his body, everyone in the room fell unconscious. They woke up to face their fears or weaknesses. All of them doing so successfully, except Retlaw (surprising absolutely no one). They then faced down the gnome and his undead minions. Returned to their bodies, they dispatched of the gnome and fled back to Neverwinter.

Upon arrival, they learned that General Sabine is now Lord Protector Sabine.



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