New Neverwinter

Already Dead

Session 3 Summary

Next Session: June 16th, 2013 1 pm.

The party investigates an ancient tomb and meets some interesting women.

Tasked by the Doomguide of Kalimvor with finding out why the dead of Neverdeath are restless, the party entered the massive cemetery. Right as they entered, they encountered three interesting people: a hamadryad named Autumn, a half-Eladrin going by the name Martyl, and a beautiful elven woman who introduced herself as Rivandal Dawncloak. The three said that their interests aligned with the party’s and soon the party was off to find the Tylmarande tomb.

Upon arriving at the tomb, the party encountered the ancient human janitor, Starchy, after they confused him for a wandering undead creature.

Inside the tomb, they found a complex puzzle waiting for them. After several mistakes that someone wrathful spirits that attacked the party, they were able to work their way across the room. In the lower part of the tomb, they were attacked by skeletons and zombies, but put them easily to rest.

As they reached the massive grand mausoleum , Martyl revealed herself to be Seldra Tylmarande. The tomb belonged to her ancestor, Aribeth d’Tylmarande, a famous traitor who betrayed Neverwinter to Luskan. She asked the party to help her perform a ritual to put Aribeth to rest. The party aided her, defeating Aribeth’s restless spirit.

Leaving the tomb, Ravindal lingered behind. Retlaw, spying on her, was easily caught by the elf. As she held him against the wall, her skin melted off revealing her to be a lich. She threatened the young half-elf with death if she did not bring him a ring off Neverember’s finger.

The party returned to the city with Seldra who revealed many truths about the city and its factions to them which I am too lazy to write all of it up right now.



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