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Session 6

The party peered into the depths of the Dread Ring, seeing a twisted gnome deep below. Retlaw rejoined the party, followed closely by a band of slaves led by a red-robed cultist. After defeating the slaves and cultist, the part made a new friend in Rogo the slave who Temerity immediately took under her wing. Descending deeper into the excavation’s tunnels, the party faced a series of devious puzzles.

They reached a room with their bodies and Bug. When Retlaw touched his body, everyone in the room fell unconscious. They woke up to face their fears or weaknesses. All of them doing so successfully, except Retlaw (surprising absolutely no one). They then faced down the gnome and his undead minions. Returned to their bodies, they dispatched of the gnome and fled back to Neverwinter.

Upon arrival, they learned that General Sabine is now Lord Protector Sabine.

Don't Let Me Get Me
Session 5 Summary

The party awoke to find a squad of kobolds busy looting their stuff. Retlaw, who was supposed to take first watch, was nowhere to be found. The leader of the kobolds held a broad sword to Sprock’s throat and demanded his items. Meanwhile, Temerity and Lyra were being carried away by kobolds as they slept soundly.

Korin, Antares, and Roswyn (who had suddenly died and yet still lived) having had nothing but rotten luck in the three months since the other half of the party disappeared were now leaving Neverwinter, on what might be a wild goose chase to find a “dread ring” that might solve the issues the changes they’ve experienced.

Strangely, during combat, the party felt like they were unable to draw upon their full power like they had done the night before in the battle with the green dragon. The strange feeling of being out-of-place in their own bodies seemed to interfere with their ability to fight. Luckily, Korin, Antares, and Roswyn arrived on the scene and helped them finish the kobolds. Antares even went so far as to climb one of the trees to rain arrows down on the kobolds.

After the battle, the party realized that the feeling of unease had culminated in a complete change in their abilities. Antares found himself more savage and focused on raw brutal power. Korin suddenly heard the voice of a god who blessed her and her allies. Lyra suddenly found herself channeling her magical energy into her sword. Roswyn’s music took on a more mournful dirge. Sprock remained inventive but felt more focused on intimidating and taunting his targets, rather than tricking them. Finally, Temerity felt a dark influence pass over her as vice replaced virtue in her heart.

Without other leads, the party decided to seek out the dread ring. Heading deeper into the forest, they were harassed by a group of pixies who charged Sprock after he managed to grievously offend them on accident. Still, the party was able to talk the small winged creatures down and they were taken to the Queen of the fey in the area. She offered to show the party to the dread ring, but only if they defeated the werewolf tribe that had declared war on the fey.
Eventually agreeing, the party was offered the aid of two elven archers: Rhyme and Reason. They then journeyed to the hill where they would make their stand. Antares, scouting ahead, learned that the werewolf party was led by a woman, Lusa, a fellow member of his tribe. Conflicted, he opened fire on Rhyme and Reason before changing his mind and attacking Lusa instead as she entered the fray.

After facing down dozens of wolves and werewolves, the party was successful but Antares faced an intense interrogation that resulted in his ban from entering fey lands. Still, with the party’s end of the bargain fulfilled, the Queen had the party escorted to the Dread Ring, a massive gaping excavation with a ring of stones and the corpse of a dragon at the bottom.

Will the Circle be Unbroken?
Session 4 Summary

Next session: June 23rd, 2013 1 pm.

The party wakes up to a strange mystery.

After a wild bender following a successful mission to Neverdeath, the party all blacked out drunk at the Moonstone Mask. They awoke to find that they were not in the Moonstone Mask. In fact, they weren’t in Neverwinter at all and from the foliage it appeared to be the beginnings of autumn. Mordai Vell and the Prophet Rohini were waiting for the adventurers in the dining hall of the building that they found out was Helm’s Hold. Turns out the party had blacked out for 3 months.

They went and fought some orcs and trolls. Then they encountered a group of Drow mercenaries who showed them their own bodies and blamed their odd missing 3 months on the Prophet Rohini who they accused of being a succubus. Shaken by these events, the party headed out when they were attacked b a green dragon.

Exhausted after an insane day, the party made camp in the woods outside of Neverwinter.

Already Dead
Session 3 Summary

Next Session: June 16th, 2013 1 pm.

The party investigates an ancient tomb and meets some interesting women.

Tasked by the Doomguide of Kalimvor with finding out why the dead of Neverdeath are restless, the party entered the massive cemetery. Right as they entered, they encountered three interesting people: a hamadryad named Autumn, a half-Eladrin going by the name Martyl, and a beautiful elven woman who introduced herself as Rivandal Dawncloak. The three said that their interests aligned with the party’s and soon the party was off to find the Tylmarande tomb.

Upon arriving at the tomb, the party encountered the ancient human janitor, Starchy, after they confused him for a wandering undead creature.

Inside the tomb, they found a complex puzzle waiting for them. After several mistakes that someone wrathful spirits that attacked the party, they were able to work their way across the room. In the lower part of the tomb, they were attacked by skeletons and zombies, but put them easily to rest.

As they reached the massive grand mausoleum , Martyl revealed herself to be Seldra Tylmarande. The tomb belonged to her ancestor, Aribeth d’Tylmarande, a famous traitor who betrayed Neverwinter to Luskan. She asked the party to help her perform a ritual to put Aribeth to rest. The party aided her, defeating Aribeth’s restless spirit.

Leaving the tomb, Ravindal lingered behind. Retlaw, spying on her, was easily caught by the elf. As she held him against the wall, her skin melted off revealing her to be a lich. She threatened the young half-elf with death if she did not bring him a ring off Neverember’s finger.

The party returned to the city with Seldra who revealed many truths about the city and its factions to them which I am too lazy to write all of it up right now.

Ring of Fire
Session 2 Summary

Next Session: June 9th, 2013 1 pm.

Cultists of Asmodeus ambush the party and then Lyra seriously pisses off General Sabine.

The party, minus Antares and Retlaw, headed into the House of a Thousand Faces, an Inn and tavern in the Blacklake district. There, they were ambushed by Ashmadai cultists who attempted to strangle them. The party fought them off only to find that the cultists had barred the door and had started a fire—obviously intended to burn the party alive. With some quick thinking from the party, they escaped through an upstairs window.

Outside, they found the cultists fleeing in a wagon. They commandeered a carriage and pursued the cultists through the streets of the Blacklake district. The chase ended rather dramatically when Lyra killed all the cultists with a single awesome spell.

Antares, at the Moonstone Mask, was also attacked. He pursued the cultists across the bridge which he then fell from into the water below where the tide pulled him into the Blacklake district where he found the party catching their breath after destroying the wagon.

Meanwhile Retlaw was in shenanigans with the wererat leader, Rsolc, who demanded that Retlaw kill a guard. He tried to clever his way out of it but Rsolc wasn’t having it. Still, they let him go with the instructions to kill a guard and bring the head to the sewers and he also encountered the party.

While reporting the incident to Sabine, Lyra seriously pissed off General Sabine while revealing that Sabined was spell-scarred. The party, unrewarded for their efforts, found a local inn and fell asleep.

Flowers on the Wall
Session 1 Summary

Next Session: June 2nd, 2013 1 pm.

The party arrives in Neverwinter, confronts some spellplagued monsters, and meets Lord Neverember, Protector of Neverwinter.

Neverwinter does not have seasons. No one knows exactly why the city remains warm all year but even the earliest surviving records attest to this phenomenon. Still, in Neverwinter’s hinterland, spring had sprung and farmers prepared to plant the first crops of the season. On the eve of the work beginning in earnest, a large parade was held through the streets of Protector’s Enclave.

On this day, five adventurers arrived at the city of Neverwinter: Antares, Korinn, Retlaw, Sprock, and Temerity. Temerity and Korinn, a tiefling and dragonborn respectively, were detained at the gates for enhanced security processing while Retlaw, Sprock, and Antares made it through the gates relatively painlessly.

A tiefling, Mordai Vell, bailed Temerity out of questioning despite General Sabine’s objections while Korinn was recruited by Sabine to aid Dagult Neverember’s administration. Mordai was seemingly delighted to meet another of his kind so far from home and provided Temerity with some guidance as they entered the city. As they went their separate ways, he provided a standing invitation to visit his estate in Protector’s Enclave.

The five adventurers serendipitously cough soon found themselves headed toward the Hall of Justice, after learning that Lord Neverember was recruiting mercenaries to aid the guard. There, they found the Hall in an uproar. It seemed that rampaging monsters had broken through The Wall to the east and were heading straight toward the parade. The party was tasked with finding the guard Captain Helter and stopping the monsters from reaching the parade.

Rushing to the scene, the adventurers found several mutated beasts feasting on the bodies of humanoids. Twisted and mutated quadrupedal creatures the size of dogs with long tentacles attacked the party. One larger creature seemed to channel a blue circle of energy against the party. After dispatching the monsters, the party found that a blue energy similar to that in the circle leaked from the monsters’ wounds, burning on touch.

In another melee, they encountered a mutated humanoid who seemed to be directing the creatures to attack. The party rescued Captain Helter who informed them that the attacks were not uncommon but had never breached the wall before. The blue energy, she informed them, was spellplague.

Returning to the Hall of Justice, the party was granted an audience with Lord Neverember who was overjoyed with the party’s success. He rewarded them each with 30 gold pieces. Additionally, he gave Retlaw a magical short sword and Temerity a magical set of armor, promising more if they continued to work with him.

The party went their separate ways.
Temerity sought information about a paladin she was seeking, Korinn trained with Neverember’s guards, Sprock searched for scrap metal and found a strange lockbox, and Antares ended up at the Moonstone Mask Inn. Korinn, Sprock, and Temerity reunited at the House of a Thousand Faces. Retlaw quickly became lost and was ambushed by 3 wererats who knocked him unconscious and stole his purse. Not learning from his mistakes, Retlaw traced the wererats to the sewers of Neverwinter and asked for an audience with their leader, a man named Rsolc.


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